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McCann Bucharest wins Grand Effie Award for the second consecutive year

23 Jun 2014

For the second consecutive year, McCann Bucharest wins the Grand Effie Award, this year with Ghita, The Social Shepherd campaign, developed for Vodafone Romania. The campaign also won a Gold Effie in Telecommunications Internet & Data category.

In addition to the Grand Effie Award, McCann Bucharest received two more Gold Effies  – one with Bucharest, not Budapest campaign for Rom Autentic and one with Play with your inspiration campaign for Mega Image Romania.

The Agency won another Silver Effie in Media Innovation category for Coca Cola Live Tweets campaign and a Bronze Effie for Dorna GoodWorks campaign, in CSR category.

„Romanians with initiatives give life to Vodafone’s brand promise of bringing together those people who believe in a greater good, of bringing Romania online. And the story of Ghita the shepherd has turned this platform into a national phenomenon last autumn. The objectives of the campaign were deeply rooted in today’s reality: the need to differentiate the strongest perception of “the best network”, relevant and accessible for data consumption and smartphones, for each Romanian individual. The campaign aimed at strengthening the brands power, as well outgrowing the average smartphone penetration trends amongst customers. The simplicity and force of creative ideas developed by McCann Bucharest, not Budapest, has maximized the results. The real shepherd, Ghita Danuletiu, alone in the mountains, but sociable by nature, has managed with his first smartphone and through the social networks to become one of the Top 3 celebrities in Romania following only one month after the launching of the campaign. But also to deliver measurable outcomes: a three times higher differentiation than the nearest competitor regarding the perception of the “best network in Romania” (traditional territory owned by Vodafone) and a market outgrowth with respect to smartphones penetration. We thank McCann Bucharest, not Budapest team – and the industry which rewarded the value of this campaign”, stated Laura Barbu, Director, Brand & Marketing Communication Vodafone Romania:


 „We need brave, boldly and determined partners to start this kind of journey. As our clients! I am very proud to be part of this company with clients who permanently appreciate our partnership and who let us participate in their growing business. It is their success more than ours. Further on, the real winner is the consumer, the one who vote for the brand and understands it”, explains Sagit Tzur Lahav, CEO McCann Bucharest

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